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Justice League Fragman


Hi Guys !  Today, I am gonna tell you about Justice League's brand new trailer. I've just watched the trailer and still my hands and fingers shaking. Because, as all of us know Dc is little bit bad about to make a movie. We all saw this from Batman v Superman and honestly that was a disappointment for me.   Anyway, how bad was Batman v Superman is not our point. Look back to trailer, first scene we see Batman in Aquman's land. I am pretty sure about that he is trying him to join Justice League. And again I'm pretty sure that he is not going to join the league easily, I mean look at him :D

After that scene, we see Cyborg's father who is a mad professor. The mechanical beast behind him probably shoulders of Darkseid. And I think this scene after Cybrog born. What can we say, watch out professor watch out !!! 
   Then we watched all character while they were figthing. And I think cgi about figth scene was really good, even Batman's scene was…